Next event: Wednesday, 5.2.2020 19:00 in Grünhof with Dr. Tobias Schubert from Sick AG. is a non-profit meeting point for people that are interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to provide opportunities for exchanging knowledge, networking and connecting with industrial partners in the Freiburg area.

Our main activity is the organization of monthly meetups. Each meetup is started by a keynote lecture before diving into an open discussion. The events are managed over our meetup page. Please register (for free) and follow the group to receive information about the latest events. AI enthusiasts with all backgrounds and knowledge levels are welcome to participate.

On this page, you will find material (abstracts/slides) of previous events. Please feel free to contact us, if you have a suggestion for a keynote speaker or any feedback.


  • Tobias Schubert
    Upcoming talk: Wednesday, 5.2.2020 19:00
    Location: Grünhof, Belfortstraße 52, 79098 Freiburg
    Tobias Schubert, Sick AG:
    Applied Deep Learning: The Application of University Research in the Field of Deep Learning to Industrial Automations
    Meetup event

    Tobias Schubert received both his diploma and his PhD in mathematics at the University of Regensburg. After that, he was a postdoc at Wolfram Burgard’s autonomous intelligent system lab at the University of Freiburg for almost five years where he worked in the fields of machine learning, robotics and neuroscience. In 2018, he switched from academia to industry and became a development engineer as part of the Deep Learning Initiative of SICK AG.

  • Christoph Zimmer
    Previous talk: 3.12.2019 19:00
    Location: Kulturaggregat, Hildastraße 5, 79102 Freiburg
    Christoph Zimmer, Bosch Center for AI:
    Safe Active Learning for Time-Series Modeling with Gaussian Processes
    Meetup event

    Cristoph Zimmer is a research scientist at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence. His research interests include calibration, parameter identifiability, safe active learning, and stochastic processes.
    Before working at Bosch, he obtained his PhD from the Heidelberg university in interdisciplinary mathematics and he collaborated with systems biologists and epidemiologists during his postdocs at the center for modeling and simulations in the biosciences in Heidelberg and Yale School of Public Health.

  • Prof. Frank Hutter
    Previous talk: 24.10.2019 19:00 Grünhof
    Frank Hutter, University of Freiburg:
    Towards Automated Deep Learning
    Slides (pdf, 2.7MB)
    Meetup event

    Frank Hutter is a Professor for Machine Learning at the University of Freiburg. His main research interests span machine learning, artificial intelligence, combinatorial optimization, and automated algorithm design.

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Jörg Franke
Jörg Franke
David Hübner
David Hübner

David is about to finish his PhD with a focus on unsupervised machine learning and medical applications of AI. He is working at Averbis focusing on natural language processing.

Torster Koller
Torsten Koller

Torsten is currently doing his PhD on the intersection of machine learning and control theory with a focus on safe reinforcement learning.

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